I have had numerous people asking about my mother and family. I put this page together to keep everyone updated.

9-4 We just came back from my mother's house. The devastation can not be described in words. We were there when Camille came through in 69 and this storm is definitely worse. The good news is that my mom's house and that of both uncles, aunt, and cousin all had just minor damage. It is a miracle that my mom's house is not smashed. Click here to see picture of my mom's place. My brother and I patched the roof, replaced the weather head just in case they get power to the house, cut trees, covered windows, and secured the house. My mother is coming back with me to Texas until the power is back on at her house. I think it will take at least a month until power is restored. Just about every third electric pole was broken or knocked down. Power lines and phone cables are down everywhere. Thank God we are safe, her house is secure and not damaged.

Click here to see pictures of Lee Russell's, Sollie Smith's, and EdnaMae Wheat's houses.

9-2: For those that don't know -- as of today all of my immediate family is safe. My mom stayed with David during the storm. David had two trees fall and was only out of power for about four days. Mark lost power as well but that was restored yesterday. I got here yesterday with about 70 gallons of gas, generator, water, food, etc. At this time we still don't know what the status of Mom's house is. David and I are going down there tomorrow to check on things. I will take pictures and update this page when I get back. We have several people that we need to check on as well as securing the house if it is damaged. We don't expect power to be restored for weeks. I want to take Mom back with me to Texas until things get better and her power is restored.

My brother, Mark, is in the National Guard and got activated yesterday. We don' t know how long he will be in Biloxi.


Here is a recap:

The eye of the storm passed right over my mother's house.


Two trees fell over at my brother's house in Summit, MS.

The gas situation is the probably one of the worst problems where we are. Gas lines are as long as two miles. Most stations either don't have gas or don't have power to pump it.