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Finding the Land


We moved to Wimberley in October of 1997 and found a house that we could afford since we had not sold our house in Angleton. We knew that this house would be temporary so we began looking for our dream land. Our intentions were to save as much money as we could and take our time finding the right piece of property.

We soon realized that the price of land around Wimberley was increasing faster than what we were earning on our account so we started thinking of how we could secure a piece of land. We found some land that we could both agree on. We started looking for financing and decided that we didn't want to make a house note and a land note because that would leave us nothing to save towards our house.

So, we decided to get a construction and land loan and build a guest house that we could live in while we save some money for the "real" house. When we move into the real house, we will take out some of the bedrooms and end up with guest quarters and a shop.


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