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This site is my log of what we are doing as we build our new house. The process of building your own home is very time consuming and tiring. If you are considering doing this yourself, read these pages and see if this is for you. Hope you enjoy it. The site name is the same as what we are calling our new place, at least for now -- Wit's End. After we move in we may change it to Wit's Inn.

So many things have happened to get to this point that I will not bore you with the details. The highlights would be:

  • Finding the land
  • Designing the house, finding an architect and getting drawings
  • Finding a builder
  • Finding a lending institution
  • Getting quotes for SIPS, septic, excavation, etc.
  • Purchasing and retrieving the back hoe. (This is a whole nuther story)
  • Getting the appraisal on the property
  • Getting the appraisal redone.
  • Marking the house site
  • Getting approval from the architectural committee
  • Getting a variance from the county for the shared driveway
  • Replatting the lot, increasing it to 12 acres

The actual closing date was June 28, 2001. Finally everything was in place for the loan to go through.

The rest of the home building project is listed by week. Week 1 started when we closed.


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