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Week 1


Thursday, June 28 - Closing

So I get a packet of papers an inch thick to read, understand, and check for errors. I don't know how they expect anyone that is not a lawyer to understand these things. I sorted, tabbed, and stapled a copy to study. I marked misspelled words, wrong name spellings, and marked questions on just about every other page. I just like to be prepared when I sign something. Since the appraisal came back so high the second time, we don't have to pay any money down, and very little in closing costs. At first, I was told that I didn't have to bring anything to closing but when we got there to sign the papers, they claimed there was an error. This meant that we had to come up with part of the closing costs but we can get them back at the final modification. So we didn't actually close because now they need a cashier's check and I have to go to Austin to do that.

Friday, June 29 - Closing Continued...

I had to get a cashier's check to the title company so they could send the paper work off. Hopefully everything will be funded next week and we can start construction. Stay tuned.

Week 1


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