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Week 11


(0)Monday September 3, 2001 - Maddie and I headed back from Mississippi with the trailer. We weren't on the highway for two miles when the trailer started swaying back and forth. Luckily there were no cars around since I was all over both lanes and the shoulder. I stopped at the first rest area and shifted the load to put more weight on the tongue of the trailer and that stopped the swaying problem. Maddie was saying, "that was fun, let's do it again!" I said no, that was not fun, let's not do that again. We stopped for gas in in Baton Rouge and I noticed that one of the tires on the trailer was starting to fall apart. Since I didn't have a spare for the trailer, I decided to stop at the first tire place I found. We stopped at a WalMart in Crowley, LA and waited three hours to get the tire and a spare fixed. Then we hit a traffic jam just east of Houston. I stopped for gas in Luling and noticed that the front tire on the trailer was low and starting to fall apart. I decided to just go slow the last 40 miles home. We finally made it home about 1:00 am. It took us 17 hours to get home. We made it home on a prayer because the next morning I went to back the trailer up and the tire came off the rim. I think some new tires are in order.

(0)Tuesday September 4, 2001 - I just unloaded the truck and went to work.

(0)Wednesday September 5, 2001 - nothing

(0)Thursday September 6, 2001 - zilch

(0)Friday September 7, 2001 - I stopped by the scrap yard to get some metal to make some forks for the back hoe. I am responsible for unloading the SIPs when they are delivered and I don't want to pay $600 to get a lift truck on site when I have a back hoe.

(8)Saturday September 8, 2001 - Since we got stuck in the drive way I decided to work on the road. I got some guys to help and we removed the forms from the slab and worked on the road the rest of the day. I am also getting some more gravel delivered next week.

(0)Sunday September 9, 2001 - I thought about the house while I was driving the back hoe back from the land.

Week 11


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