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Week 12


(3)Monday September 10, 2001 - I worked a few hours today on the forks for the back hoe. Hopefully I will finish them tomorrow since the SIPs should be delivered this week. Also all of the paper work is in to get the electricity connected. This has been a real fiasco. The original path for the electrical wires were going to be down the 30 foot right of way but that would have destroyed about 20 big oak trees. I ended up getting easements from two other land owners to bring in the poles from another route and thus saving my oak trees. Hopefully they will have that in before we start erecting the SIPs.

(1)Tuesday September 11, 2001 - I spent a little time working on the forks for the back hoe.

(2)Wednesday September 12, 2001 - I worked on the forks again but ran out of welding rods.

(2)Thursday September 13, 2001 - I finally finished the forks and started working on the brakes on the back hoe.

(1)Friday September 14, 2001 - I removed a piece of metal that was rubbing one of the cylinders on the back hoe.

(6)Saturday September 15, 2001 - I finished the brakes and started working on the boom.

(5)Sunday September 16, 2001 - I drove the back hoe back out to the property this morning and started spreading gravel. After church, Patti and I went out to clear an area for the SIPs.

Week 12


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