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Week 22


(10)Monday November 12, 2001 - Today I put door knobs on all of the doors so I can lock the house up. My neighbor that is just west of me is starting to build his house and will be sharing my driveway. He had another 12 loads of gravel hauled in and grated. The first 1000 feet is smooth as glass now. I spent the rest of the day working on the plumbing.

(12)Tuesday November 13, 2001 - I spent all day on the plumbing. I also met with a water well driller and he informed me that the permit that I had received was the wrong one. Now I have to apply for the proper one from San Antonio which will take several weeks. I hope I can get a well this year! The good news is that I got my $300 refunded from the other place and the new one only costs $35.

(11)Wednesday November 14, 2001 - Today I finished all of the plumbing that I can do before getting sheetrock including installing the water heater. I spent the last half of the day nailing on electrical boxes and planning the wiring runs. Here are the latest pictures of the inside:

(0)Thursday November 15, 2001 - We got 7 inches of rain so I left work and tried to make it home. A couple of the roads were impassable but I finally found a way home that was not flooded. The Blanco river was 13 feet above flood stage and I wanted to make it home before I got flooded out. So, I didn't even make it out to the house today.

(0)Friday November 16, 2001 - I stopped by the hardware store on the way home to get some stuff for the wiring. I stopped by the house on the way home to see what the rain had done. One of the roads was still closed due to high water so I had to detour around it. I had some rain come into the house through one of the access conduits and the driveway had washed out in a few spots. The new gravel now has ruts and washed out places in it already. I guess I will fix that when it dries out. I also ordered the metal for the roof and that will be delivered on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

(9)Saturday November 17, 2001 - I spent the first part of the morning getting the water off the floor and burning more of the scrap left over from the framing. I still have a little left to burn. I installed the breaker panel and wired all of the bedrooms, utility room, and main bathroom. I will have to build a jig for my router before I can install boxes on the outside wall. I hope to have the wiring finished by next weekend, we will see what happens.

(0)Sunday November 18, 2001 - Patti and I went to the hardware store to discuss kitchen lighting and bathtubs.

Week 22


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