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Week 23


(6)Monday November 19, 2001 - I continued running the wiring. There is phone, electrical, switching, 10BaseT, coax, Satellite, alarm, and door bell wires that need to be run. I ran as much wire as I could for the alarm system but I ran out of wire so I switched to phone lines and 10BaseT wiring. I also ran the wires to the kitchen for lights and power.

(6)Tuesday November 20, 2001 - I met with an AC contractor to get a quote but it didn't work out with him but he referred me to some others. I also found an Energy Recover Ventilator that was on sale this month. It is the Stirling model ERV95+ and uses the polymer disc technology for heat and moisture transfer. These systems will bring in fresh air and exhaust stale air from the bathrooms, utility, and kitchen while transferring the heat in the process. One of these is absolutely necessary in a SIP house that is extremely tight.

(11)Wednesday November 21, 2001 - I got some laborers to help dig out the ditch to the electric pole. When they were finished with that, I had them pick up rocks that will go on the side of the house. They made about 6 piles of rocks. I think I will need about twice that much more. While they were picking up rocks, I finished wiring the supply wire from the meter box to the inside breaker panel. I also made a template for my router to cut electrical box cutouts in the SIPs for switches and plugs.

(0)Thursday November 22, 2001 - Turkey day, I smoked a Turkey in the egg and it turned out OK but I think I cooked it too long.

(11)Friday November 23, 2001 - Patti came out and helped run the coax in the house. I ran the water line as far as I could go toward where the well will be and also plumbed a drain for future RV hookups. I also ran an electrical conduit to where the septic system will be. I continued the wiring on the outer walls which is a little slower since I have to cut holes in the wall and run the wires through the chases in the SIPs. I also connected all of the wires to the breakers in the breaker panel. I also capped all of the water outlets so I could pressure test the water system. There is a small leak in the hot water side that I need to track down.

(0)Saturday November 24, 2001 - Today was Clayton's birthday so we went into Austin to see the parade among other things.

(0)Sunday November 25, 2001 - Today was Patti's birthday so we went out to eat and then went shopping at Home Depot for house stuff. We purchased all of the bathroom fixtures, some light fixtures, plywood, tile backer board, and even the kitchen sink.

Week 23


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