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Week 25


(4)Monday December 3, 2001 - I got my alarm system in the mail today so I spent the evening hooking everything up. I have sensors on every door and window and two motion detectors. I will also run wires for fire detectors to hook them into the alarm system. I ordered an extra key pad so I have one at both the front and shop doors.

(5.5)Tuesday December 4, 2001 - I picked up the tile today, boy was that a lot of work. The guy had at least 2500 6x6 quarry tiles in different earth tone colors. I got the lot for $300, the same tile at Home Depot costs $1082.50 so I think I got a good deal. I had my truck and 5x8 trailer loaded to the max. I finally finished unloading the truck about 6 and then started on the house. I connected the breaker panel to the meter panel and programmed the alarm system. Since it has been raining this week, I have not done any more work on the roof.

(5.5)Wednesday December 5, 2001 - I met with an AC installer today to scope the house for the duct work and unit placement. I should get quotes from two people this week. I also installed the outside motion light, wired the shop, ran all of the phone lines, installed the recessed lights over the bar, ran the wires for the door bell, and removed the brake shoes on the back hoe. The brakes were not working very well so I decided to go ahead and fix them. I am supposed to help Wink unload the panels for his house next week and having brakes would be nice.

(0)Thursday December 6, 2001 - I had dinner with my family tonight so I didn't work out at the house.

(9)Friday December 7, 2001 - Today I continued working inside since it is still kind of rainy. I installed the motion detectors on the alarm system so it is now fully functional. I also made the two changes to the plumbing that I forgot about and pressure tested the system. I ran speaker wires from the stereo to the office so I can take it out to the patio or elsewhere. I ran wires for the light above the stairs to the loft. This was a challenge since it is on one of the exterior walls about 15 feet off the floor.

(8)Saturday December 8, 2001 - Today I also worked inside since it rained. I am not in a real big hurry to finish the roof since it can be done any time. I do have to finish all of the interior stuff before I can schedule sheet rock. I put up some OSB on the utility room walls. I like to do that so I can hang stuff on the walls unlike sheetrock. I have been sealing up all of the cracks in the house with expanding foam and I still have a lot more to do. I ran the wire for the ceiling fan in the loft area. This was fun since there wasn't a wiring chase in the roof panel where I need to run the wire. I managed to find a seam between two panels of Styrofoam and was able to snake my wire through. I also ran the duct for the exhaust system. I am venting both bathrooms, kitchen, and utility room. These will be ducted through the ERV to the outside and be replaced with fresh air. I will also hook up the dryer vent to the ERV to capture some of the heat before it is vented outside.

(0)Sunday December 9, 2001 - I went to Lowes today to buy some more stuff since they are having a 0 interest 0 payment deal going on. I ordered 200 sheets of sheetrock and bought a stove and dishwasher.

Week 25


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