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Week 27


(12)Monday December 17, 2001 - Well this is the first time that it has not rained and I have been out at the house so I worked on the roof. I got about a third of it done. Lowes finally found the house and delivered the sheetrock. I helped my guys move it into the house, and cleaned up inside for the sheetrock guys if they come tomorrow.

(10)Tuesday December 18, 2001 - I had the guys help me get as much of the roof on the house as possible. Now all but two panels are on the roof. I still need to straighten them up and screw them down and then put the ridge on and I will be finished with the roof. The sheet rock guys are supposed to be there tomorrow. At 2:00 I went to Wink's to help him unload his panels. Then I went to the hardware store to get some mortar and sand so the guys could start putting the rock on the house tomorrow. I also picked up the septic tank that I got from my Mother and put some water in it and took it out to the house because I don't have a well yet. Here is what the roof looks like now:

(2)Wednesday December 19, 2001 - Patti and I bought more tile today for the kitchen, living room, and bathroom. The sheetrockers were almost done but only brought one screw gun so they couldn't finish. They will finish in the morning. All I did was rearrange some wires that they moved or covered up and unloaded some of the tile. Here are some pictures of what things look like now:

(0)Thursday December 20, 2001 - All I did was unload the tile that we bought this week. The sheet rock is all in place and the rock guys started on the walls.

(4)Friday December 21, 2001 - I went to the hardware store and got some more mortar for the rock guys and mud for the sheetrockers. I also straightened up all of the roof panels on the North side of the house and screwed them down so they wouldn't blow off. Then I unloaded the truck and fixed the exhaust vent in the utility room.

(10)Saturday December 22, 2001 - The sheetrockers came today to float the joints on the sheet rock. They were using my ladders so I didn't get much done on the roof. I did put on one ridge cap, the vent collar, and build a ladder that I can lay on the roof so I can work on it. I tried walking down the new roof while holding on to a rope and it was just too steep. What I will do is secure this ladder with a rope from the other side of the house. The rock guys worked some more on the walls. I also drove the back hoe back from Wink's place so I could move some of the piles of rock to the house. The sheetrockers will be back on Wednesday to texture the walls, then I can start on the trim, tile, cabinets, doors, outlets, switches, deck, siding, and whatever else there is to do. Here are some pictures of the progress so far:

(0)Sunday December 23, 2001 -

Week 27


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