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Week 28


(0)Monday December 24, 2001 - I didn't work today but the rock guys did.

(0)Tuesday December 25, 2001 - Merry Christmas. I didn't work on the house today either but the rock guys did again.

(5)Wednesday December 26 2001 - Today I picked up the siding at Home Depot. I put up the last panel on the South roof and straightened them all up. I also moved the trailer and cut out a panel for access to the plumbing in the shower. The guys were out of cement so I had to go to the hardware store as well. I am not sure when the texture guys will be out but hopefully it will be this week. Here are some pictures of the progress so far:

(10)Thursday December 27, 2001 - Patti, her sister, Terri, and father, Roy, all came down to help on the house. In the morning I put the last roof panel on the south roof, cut an access panel for the upstairs shower, and moved more rock to the site. This afternoon, I helped Roy get started on the siding and Patti and Terri get started on the tile.

(10)Friday December 28, 2001 - Today I helped Roy with the siding and got Patti and Terri started on tiling the upstairs bathroom floor. I had to run to town to get some angle iron for the rock guys and some mastic for the tile work. I cut the angle iron to fit over the windows. Roy helped me get the last roof panel on the house and I put the bottom row of screws on the North roof.

(9)Saturday December 29, 2001 - I met the texture guys and took them to the house. After we agreed on a texture, they started covering everything up while I got some water. They were through in less than three hours. I helped Roy with the siding on the East side of the house. Patti and Terri came by for a few hours to work on the tile around the bathtub. Here are some picture of the progress so far:

(6)Sunday December 30, 2001 - Today I finished the siding on the east wall and part of the soffit while Roy started working on the electrical outlets and switches.

Week 28


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