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Week 29


(7)Monday December 31, 2001 - Today I drove the tractor to Wink's so that I could unload his panels. Roy continued working on the electrical outlets and switches while I worked on the utility room. I am putting OSB on the walls so I can put screws into it and hang stuff.

(10)Tuesday January 1, 2002 - I finished putting the OSB in the utility room today and Patti and I textured the walls. Roy continued working on the electrical switches and outlets, boy there are a lot of outlets in this house. Patti finished the tile in the upstairs bathroom and after she left, I worked on the tile in the utility room. It was quite cold today so the rock guys did not show up and I hooked up the stove so we could have some heat.

(10)Wednesday January 2, 2002 - I drove the tractor back from Wink's this morning and boy was it cold. I had to get it to get more rock for the rock guys. Roy stayed one more day to work on the electrical outlets and switches. There are only about three switches and two outlets left to do, thanks Roy. I finished putting all of the whole tiles in the utility room. I will need to cut and fit a few more and then it will be ready for grout. I also worked on wiring the ceiling fixtures and put in some temporary lights.

(0)Thursday January 3, 2002 - All I did today was stop by Home Depot after work and buy all of the interior doors and wood for the base board and unload it at the house. I had to go back to my day job to get some rest.

(0)Friday January 4, 2002 - I worked late today at my real job so I didn't get a chance to work on the house.

(10)Saturday January 5, 2002 - Today, I hung one door and trimmed out Maddie's window. I also put two rows of tile down in the dining room so the rock guys could start the rock work in there. I also set up the shaper for the baseboard molding and routed 312 feet of molding.

(6)Sunday January 6, 2002 - I worked on the molding today. I finished trimming out both of the kids rooms. I also moved my workbench to the house and set up a saw station to cut the molding.

Week 29


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