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Week 30


(3)Monday January 7, 2002 - The rock guys are making good progress inside and have finished the North wall outside. I stopped at three hardware stores today. I bought more wood for molding and ran it all through the shaper. It took me about an hour to run 328 feet of 1x4. I figure I am saving about fifty cents per foot by making my own molding. I also installed one of the utility room doors and most of the trim in the hall.

(3)Tuesday January 8, 2002 - Today, I installed two more doors, finished the trim in the hall and started on the master bedroom. The framers framed one of the doors in there the wrong size so I had to buy an odd door and will have to case it in from scratch.

(3)Wednesday January 9, 2002 - Well I got another door installed, cased in the closet doorway and put base board down in most of the master bedroom. I also cut out the door opening to the bathroom larger so I can case that in for a 28" door and I cased in the french doors and one window in the dining room in cedar and fixed the outside light that hasn't been working since we put up the siding. I still have three more doors to install and baseboard in the living room and upstairs to finish before we can schedule the painter.

(4)Thursday January 10, 2002 - I finished casing in the door to the bathroom from the master bedroom. It took me almost two hours to do this since I had to do it all from scratch including mortising for the hinges, ripping the wood to the right width and putting on the stop and trim. Those pre-hung doors will get you spoiled. I also cased in the last window in the kitchen with cedar and fixed a wiring problem that my father in law found. I had to remove one of the panels in the utility room to access the wires but that is fixed now. I also finished all of the baseboard in the master bedroom and I will be through with it when I trim the window.

(3)Friday January 11, 2002 - Today I installed the closet doors in the master bedroom and a door in the utility room. I also ran another 112 feet of board through my shaper for door molding. The following sunset picture were all taken today just a few minutes apart from my office window.

(8)Saturday January 12, 2002 - I drove the tractor over to Wink's this morning and then got more cement for the rock guys. They finished all of the rock work today so Patti and I cooked fajitas for them. I also finished installing all of the tiles in the utility room and cased in one door and also cleaned up the site a little. I managed to get my table saw to the house while I had help to unload it. I hope to be finished with the trim soon so I can schedule the painter.

(6)Sunday January 13, 2002 - Roy and Janie, my in-laws, came down to help on the house again. I continued working on the trim while Roy worked on a couple of outlets and an automatic switch for the closet doors in the master bedroom.

Week 30


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