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Week 31


(6)Monday January 14, 2002 - Today Roy started putting the OSB in the shop area and decking the attic area for storage space. I had to go into town so I got stuff for the deck. I figure that will keep Roy busy for a while. I worked a couple of hours on the trim and moved some cedar logs down to the deck to use for posts.

(9)Tuesday January 15, 2002 - I spent most of the day putting up the timbers and posts for the deck. Roy finished the decking in the attic and help me get the posts up and braced. Later we got all of the timbers square and plumb. Patti and her mother have been filling the nail holes and sanding the trim when they can. We have an appointment with the painter on Friday to discuss colors etc.

(9)Wednesday January 16, 2002 - Today Roy and I placed all of the joists for the deck after flashing the wall. Roy started laying out the deck boards while I worked some more on the trim. Patti and Janie came out and worked for little bit filling in nail holes and sanding the trim

(5)Thursday January 17, 2002 - Roy finished putting the decking on the deck and I finished hanging all of the doors and most of the trim. I still have to trim out my office and stairway before we can schedule the painter. I also mounted the last post for the deck. Verizon finally got our phone line in so I guess I will connect it tomorrow. Patti and Janie came out again to work on the trim. They also cleaned up the place while I was at my day job.

(8)Friday January 18, 2002 - Today Roy finished putting the decking down. He and I put up the siding on the South side of the loft. I also installed the punch down panel to wire all of the phone lines.

(0)Saturday January 19, 2002 - I spent some time working for my day job today and didn't work on the house.

(0)Sunday January 20, 2002 - Worked for my day job since I worked with Roy so much on the house this week.

Week 31


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