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Week 32


(3)Monday January 21, 2002 - I mainly worked for my day job today and then went with Patti and the kids to the dentist. I did manage to put my two stage dust collector together and hook it up to the pipes in the floor. Below is a picture of the sunrise this morning.

(6)Tuesday January 22, 2002 - I got my well permit today and called to schedule that to start. I have to clear out an area for the truck to sit so they probably won't start until Thursday. I also called the bank to discuss an extension of 30 days on the construction period. I also finished the trim in my office including the stair skirts. My painter is sick so I don't know when he will be able to get started but I am ready for him as soon as I fill in a few more holes and do a little sanding. Another thing I did was to cut off the posts on the deck to the correct height and trim the exterior door with cedar.

(5)Wednesday January 23, 2002 - I went and got the backhoe from Wink's this morning and cleared the area around the well so they can get the truck in there. I am to meet with the driller in the morning to discuss the placement. I've been working for my day job out at the house. It sure is peaceful and quiet out here. I also talked to the bank today and decided to wait on locking in the interest and get an extension of 30 days. I am going to have put my house up for rent in the next few weeks so if anyone wants to rent a nice house in Wimberley, send me an e-mail.

(5)Thursday January 24, 2002 - I met with the well driller this morning and we discussed where to put the well. He said they would probably get started on in on Monday. Realistically, it will be about two weeks before I see any water being pumped out of the ground. Patti came by to set some tiles in the kitchen and got about 40 tiles put down.

(6)Friday January 25, 2002 - I got a late start this morning and didn't get out here until about 9. I cleaned up the area where they will be drilling the well and piled up some dirt to direct the waste away from the house. I also built and installed the toe kick for the kitchen cabinets. This needed to be done to know where not to put tile. I also found a couple more places where I forgot to put molding and caulked, sanded, and filled nail holes some more.

(6)Saturday January 26, 2002 - Patti and I did more tile.

(5)Sunday January 27, 2002 - We did some more tile today as well. I cut the pieces and Patti put them down.

Week 32


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