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Week 33


(4)Monday January 28, 2002 - Today the well guys started drilling. I put down the rest of the whole tiles in the living room and there are only a few pieces left. The well was about 60 feet deep at the end of the day. It took a while to go through all of that rock.

(1)Tuesday January 29, 2002 - I went to the office for my day job so I didn't get much done on the house. I stopped by the wood place and got 152 board feet of red oak and some plywood. I unloaded this at the house on the way home. The well is now down to 650 feet. They hit water at 350 feet but not enough to supply a home.

(0)Wednesday January 30, 2002 - The guys hit water again at 850 feet but wanted to get to the bottom of the fracture so they will go a little deeper.

(1)Thursday January 31, 2002 - The drillers stopped at 900 feet with a capacity of 75-100 gallons per minute. All I need is 10 gallons per minute so I should have plenty of water. I bought another 192 board feet of red oak and some 1/4" oak plywood and unloaded it at the house. I hope to start on the cabinets this weekend.

(3)Friday February 1, 2002 - All Idid today was clean up the molding a little and hook a a light switch in the shop.

(5)Saturday February 2, 2002 - Patti and I met with the painter and discussed all of the details and options. We then cleaned up all the rooms and vacuumed in preparation for them to start.

(4)Sunday February 3, 2002 - Roy came down again to help so we worked on clearing the rest of the circle drive and the area for the spray field for the septic system. The painters are supposed to start on Tuesday so I guess we will work outside this week. I still have to finish the roof and work on the drive as well as do the siding, and the railing on the deck.

Week 33


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