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Week 34


(8)Monday February 4, 2002 - It rained a little today so we didn't get to work outside much but we did get in a few hours. I am about 50 feet from finishing clearing the trees for the circle drive. There is still a lot of clearing necessary for the spray area for the septic system. I need an area that is about 100' x 150' for that and we are about two thirds of the way through that. It is going to take some time to burn all the cedars we knocked down.

()Tuesday February 5, 2002 - The painters did not show up today. I had to work at my day job all day so I didn't work on the house but Roy cut some cedar for the railing for the deck and put threaded connectors on all of the plumbing stub outs.

(4)Wednesday February 6, 2002 - Roy worked on installing the fittings on the upstairs shower while I worked on the treads for the stairs. I also installed some cabinets in the shop. The painters showed up and touched up the trim and caulked and sanded.

(7)Thursday February 7, 2002 - The painters came and sprayed the trim with Kilz primer. I spent most of the day clearing the area for the septic system and the circle drive.

(8)Friday February 8, 2002 - I finished clearing all of the trees for the circle drive and excavating the boulders in the way. The painters sprayed primer on all of the walls today. I also glued up a few more stair treads.

(10)Saturday February 9, 2002 - Clayton and I spent most of the day sorting, prepping and milling the oak for the cabinet doors.

(6)Sunday February 10, 2002 - I cut plywood and worked on the corner sink cabinet. I also finished plumbing the upstairs shower and framed out the plumbing access panels so they can get painted.

Week 34


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