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Week 35


(10)Monday February 11, 2002 - I finished the base cabinet for the sink and two other base cabinets. I also hooked up the breaker for the water pump. They are still working on the cement casing and hopefully will put the pump in tomorrow. The painters did not come today. I spent several hours attempting to find a septic tank installer. Of 12 people that I called and left messages, only two people called me back. I have to have a maintenance contract before I can even submit my application to the health department for approval. Then it will take about 25 days. I am to meet with two installers in the morning and get a contract then I will have to drive back to the health department and submit my application.

(10)Tuesday February 12, 2002 - I met with two septic installers today and finally got a maintenance contract so I can turn in my septic application. They have everything so backwards. I also made two more base cabinets for the kitchen. All of the base cabinets are done and I can install them as soon as the painters are done. The painters painted all of the walls today as well.

(6)Wednesday February 13, 2002 - Patti and I went to the health department to turn in the septic application. The painters put one coat of the trim paint on all of the trim and the doors. They will come back tomorrow to put on one more coat and touch up any other areas. I spent the afternoon making the ten drawers for the base cabinets.

(4)Thursday February 14, 2002 - I worked on the drawers some more. The painters came and put another coat of paint on all the doors and cleaned up a little.

(3)Friday February 15, 2002 - I had a meeting today so I went into town and bought some more plywood and came back and put the bottoms in the drawers. I also bought some parts bins at the Container Store to organize my shop. I also installed the drawer slides in one set of drawers. The painters did not come today but someone is supposed to come on Monday to finish what's left. The well guys hooke up the tank to the pump so we now have water on site.

(5)Saturday February 16, 2002 - Terri and Patti worked on the tile today while I built the vanity cabinet for the bathroom. The tile in the upstairs bathroom turned out very nice.

(0)Sunday February 17, 2002 - I had to go into work today to work on my laptop that died on Friday so I didn't get any work done but Patti grouted most of the tile in the living room and the utility room.

Week 35


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