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Week 36


(4)Monday February 18, 2002 - Today I put together the lazy susan to go under the sink and built one of the drawers for the bathroom vanity. Patti came and continued working on the tile. Roy is down again helping with installing light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, switch plates, outlet covers, etc. All of this stuff is time consuming and I trust him to do it. One of the painters came back to work on the exterior doors and on touching up the places where the other guys missed or oversprayed. I have tools at the house and we couldn't arm the alarm system so I spent the night out there. The AC guys came and did a little more on the system but didn't finish. They will come back on Wednesday to test the system.

(4)Tuesday February 19, 2002 - I hooked up the electricity to the AC system so it can be tested tomorrow. I also installed one of the base cabinets in the kitchen and installed drawer slides on the vanity. I still have one more drawer to build for it but I can't put it down until we finish the tile in the bathroom. It sure is nice to have water.

(5)Wednesday February 20, 2002 - The painters hung all of the doors and are now finished. I got the bill for the well which went $6700 dollars over what I budgeted. Good thing I am saving money elsewhere. I think the septic system will go over about $2000. Patti and I worked a little more on the tile today while Roy spent time installing plumbing and lighting fixtures.

(5)Thursday February 21, 2002 - Well today was an exciting day. Roy came out and worked on more plumbing fixtures. At lunch, a Spanish speaking individual came into the house and started rattling off a bunch of stuff. Neither Roy nor I knew what he was saying. He motioned for us to follow him so we did. He and another guy were cutting and burning trees on the lot next to mine when their fire got out of control. I ran back to the house and got my chain saw, shovel, rake and machete and called 911. Roy drove the truck up the subdivision entrance to direct the fire rescue team to us while I went to work with the chain saw trying to clear as much brush out of the path of the fire as possible. The firefighters arrived in a short time and stood there and asked me if I had it under control or if I wanted them to put it out. I told them that I was not a firefighter and I wanted them to tell me if it was under control. Well they ran the hose to the fire and soaked it. Boy was that close. Later that afternoon Roy and I installed a ceiling fan and a bunch of outlet and switch covers. Also the AC guys came out and did the final adjustments on the ac system so now we have working heat and AC. It is starting to look like a house.

(3)Friday February 22, 2002 - Patti came by and worked on the tile in the hallway some more. I cut some tiles for her but mainly worked for my day job today. Check out the tile I had to cut to fit around two doorways:

(0)Saturday February 23, 2002 - I spent most of the day working for my day job.

(0)Sunday February 24, 2002 - I also worked on my day job today as well.


Week 36


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