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Week 37


(0)Monday February 25, 2002 - I worked for my day job today and didn't get anything done on the house.

(6.5)Tuesday February 26, 2002 - This morning I made the other drawer for the bathroom vanity and finished putting down all of the tile in the house. It has been several days since I have updated this site since my laptop died. I now have windows 2k on it and I can download images from my camera directly to my laptop so it should be more convenient. The rest of the day was spent on my day job.

(0)Wednesday February 27, 2002 - I had to spend all day today trying to catch up on my day job after my drive crashed.

(0)Thursday February 28, 2002 - Same as yesterday.

(6)Friday March 1, 2002 - This afternoon I got a chance to grout the rest of the tile. I still need to do a final wash but I can start installing cabinets now.

What do you get when you mix a 6 year old, some scrap wood, and a brad nailer together ?

Art !

(8)Saturday March 2, 2002 - I installed the vanity cabinet in the bathroom and all of the base cabinets in the kitchen. I also installed some plywood for the counter and cut out the hole for the sink. I started trimming the plywood and the blade on my saw was bent so I finished cutting it by hand. My router died when I went to trim the hardiboard for the counter so I am going home. I need a new router and saw blade. I didn't get a chance to meet with the septic installer this week but will meet with him on Tuesday. We are looking at changing the design to an LPD system that will not require a maintenance contract at $200+ per year. It may cost a little more to install but I won't have to worry with a chlorinator and pay the maintenance fee. I will let you know how things turn out.

(0)Sunday March 3, 2002 - All I did today was buy a new router. Check out this bad boy ! 2HP, variable speed plunge router with micro adjustments to 1/128" also with 1/4" and 1/2" collets and a dust port. Arh arh arh.


Week 37


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