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Week 38


(10)Monday March 4, 2002 - Today I installed the door knob on the french doors in the kitchen, installed the tile backer board for the counters to get them ready to tile, cased in the beam in the living room and hung the ceiling fan.

(8)Tuesday March 5, 2002 - I set all of the tile for the counters today.


(8)Wednesday March 6, 2002 - I put the trim around the counter and grouted the tile. I also started building the entry door.

(8)Thursday March 7, 2002 - I finished the entry door. I made it out of some cedar left over after building the deck. I also met with two septic installers. One of them proposed a non-aerobic system that would save a ton of money. I will let you know what I find out.

(0)Friday March 8, 2002 - I worked for my day job today and didn't do anything for the house except go to the hardware store. Also, the web server at EV1 has been messing up this week so if you have been experiencing problems, it is because of that.

(0)Saturday March 9, 2002 - We went to a friend's house today so we didn't get to work on the house. I did swap out the kitchen light at the current house with a store bought one. I am going to put the other one over the dining table in the kitchen.

(0)Sunday March 10, 2002 - Now I am feeling guilty because I have not done anything on the house this weekend. I grilled chicken and watched a movie. It was an interesting experience.


Week 38


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