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Week 41


(2)Monday March 25, 2002 - I didn't get out to the house until 6:30 PM so all I did was finish installing the molding on the upper cabinets and fill all of the nail holes. I like to stain the wood and then fill the holes with colored putty to match. I have never had luck filling the holes first because the putty never looks right when stained. I was asked what I was using for the cabinet design. Click here if you are interested in my CAD drawings for the design of this kitchen.

(4)Tuesday March 26, 2002 - They started digging the hole for the septic tanks today. He has gone down about 2 feet and is still hitting solid rock. I met with the carpet installers and they should be here on Friday or Saturday to install the carpet. So I spent the rest of the evening getting the house ready for carpet. I cleaned up the dust collector ports so I can put some floor leveler on them and cleaned and moved stuff out of the bedrooms. The septic designer was supposed to submit the new design to the health department today so we will see how long that will take to get approved.

(4)Wednesday March 27, 2002 - Well, the septic designer did not submit the design yesterday. Apparently he was still in need of more information so I spent some time tracking that down. I put floor leveler on the holes in the bedrooms and picked up some trash outside to burn. The rock hammer broke on the backhoe so the guy didn't get very far on the septic hole today. I also ordered the final survey today. The bank requires a final foundation survey before we can close. I guess they are worried that the house moved since we poured the slab and had the survey done then ??????

(1)Thursday March 28, 2002 - All I did today was put another layer of floor leveler on the holes in the bedrooms to finish them out. This needed to be done a day before they lay carpet. I have spent most of my time trying to get some work done on my day job. Here is how far they have dug for the septic tanks:


As you can tell, it is solid rock. They will be putting two 1000 gallon polyethylene tanks in this hole. The first one will be a two compartment tank, called a trash tank, that will partially break down the solids. This tank will always be full. The effluent from this tank will spill into the pump tank that will have a float valve in it to turn on the pump to pump it into the leach field. This is called a Low Pressure Dose (LPD) system. I am happy because it will not require the chlorinater, aerobic tank, or the annual maintenance contract.

(8)Friday March 29, 2002 - The carpet installers came today and installed all of the carpet. I installed the dishwasher, fixed a portion of the toe kick, put polyurethane on all of the doors and drawer fronts and all of the cabinets in the bathroom and part of the kitchen cabinets. The septic installers worked until 1 PM and are almost done with the hole for the tanks.

(11)Saturday March 30, 2002 - It is raining here today. Here is a picture from my office window of the valley with the trees budding and the rain coming in:

Here is what you get when the sheet rock installers put two nails through a drain pipe:

I was running the air conditioner yesterday and noticed water on the floor. The AC drains into the sewage system. I had to tear out part of the wall in the utility room and part in the kitchen to get to the leak. Luckily, the hole in the kitchen is in the back of one of the cabinets and you won't see the hole when the drawers are installed. I put the plumbing back together and ran the AC all day and it seems to have fixed the problem. Good thing I found it now instead of after we moved in.

I put some plywood on the sides of the cabinets, put more coats of polyurethane on all of the cabinets and reinstalled the cabinet doors and most of the drawer fronts. I also put up the last frame on the recessed light in the kitchen. All of the cabinets are finished in the bathroom and I don't have too much to do to finish the rest of the cabinets in the kitchen.

(0)Sunday March 31, 2002 - Happy Easter. I will not be working on the house today. I will be spending time with my family celebrating the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Week 41



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