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Week 44


(2.5)Monday April 15, 2002 - After a week in New York., I am now able to start working on the house again. I made the last two doors and drawer fronts for the base cabinets. I still need to sand, stain, and finish them before they can be installed.

(0)Tuesday April 16, 2002 - I met with the director at the health department today to discuss the issues he had with my septic design. I then took those changes to the designer and showed him what needed to be changed. He said he would get it in to the health department before 5 on Wednesday. If this latest design is accepted, the application field would be about 50'x50' which is much smaller than the second revision. This will require less labor to install and hopefully be less expensive. I still won't know how much the system will cost until the design is accepted and we find out how much dirt has to be brought in. Stay tuned for the septic saga. Clayton also had a baseball game.

(0)Wednesday April 17, 2002 - Today marks two months after the original closing date. I think I got a stomach virus or something today so I went home to take care of that. Guess what, the designer did not get the design in today, go figure. Also Patti got what ever bug I had yesterday so I came home early to help out.

(0)Thursday April 18, 2002 - Guess what. The designer still has not turned in the septic design to the health department. He said he was just fixing the typo's and would have it in today.

(1.5)Friday April 19, 2002 - All I did today was work on my day job and stain the doors that I built earlier in the week. And Guess what. I called the designer about 11:30 and he still had not turned in the septic design. I finally called the health department around 3:30 and he had finally turned it in. Now it just needs to get approved and installed.

(10)Saturday April 20, 2002 - Well, I worked inside today on cabinets and stairs. I finished all of the slide outs and put polyurethane on all of the remaining doors. The slide outs include a knife and cutting board holder, a narrow drawer for foil, etc., and a pullout trash can. I also finished putting all of the oak on the stairs and trimmed out the top landing. I still need to install the hand rail.

(3)Sunday April 21, 2002 - I stained the stairs and installed the remaining doors on the cabinets.

Here is the pullout trash can:

This pullout is for foil, saran wrap, etc.:

This pullout holds knifes and cutting boards:




Week 44



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