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Week 45


(4)Monday April 22, 2002 - All I did today was put a couple of coats of polyurethane on the stairs and glue up some oak for the handrail.

(3)Tuesday April 23, 2002 - I glued up some more oak for another post for the handrail on the stairs. I have one more to glue up. I also built an overhang for the front door out of more of the left over cedar.

(0)Wednesday April 24, 2002 - I worked for my day job today so I didn't even go out to the house. I did get the metal to use for the stair rail and picked up the septic design from the designer. All of the changes have been submitted to the health department so as soon as it is approved we can start installing it.

(3)Thursday April 25, 2002 - I set up the scaffolds to start working on the west side of the house. I put up some of the flashing and tar paper.

(5)Friday April 26, 2002 - I got an e-mail from the health department that the septic permit has been issued. I will go there first thing Monday morning to pick it up. Hopefully it will be installed by next Friday. I spent part of the day cleaning up the kitchen and living room. I put some metal roofing on the front porch.

(6)Saturday April 27, 2002 - I started working on the siding on the west side of the house. I got about a third of the way before I had to meet some possible renters at the house. I got about 5 calls about the house and two couples came by. The last couple was interested enough to put down the deposit. I should have the contract signed on Monday. Patti and I baby-sat some kids this evening so we stayed at the old house and started packing.

(0)Sunday April 28, 2002 - Patti and I went to Lowe's to get stuff for the closets and didn't get any work done on the house.







Week 45



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