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Week 47


(6)Monday May 6, 2002 - The septic guys came and leveled the rest of the dirt in the leach field. They are supposed to be back tomorrow with the tanks and rest of the pipe. I finished grouting the shower surround, stained all of the quarter round and started installing it.

(2)Tuesday May 7, 2002 - I am almost finished with the quarter round. The septic guys did not come today ???

(6)Wednesday May 8, 2002 - I finished plumbing the shower. I talked with the septic guys and they had some problems yesterday. So far, the guy who dug the hole for the tanks was fired, the guy working on the pipe quit, another guy's dad died yesterday and they broke their backhoe digging his grave. Really, I am not making this up. They borrowed my backhoe today to finish digging the grave and they are supposed to rent a ditch digger tomorrow to dig the trenches for the leach field. Let's see what can happen tomorrow.

(7)Thursday May 9, 2002 - I picked up two day laborers and we spent all day cleaning up the place. They scrubbed the floors, scraped windows, and picked up trash. I also managed to finish installing the quarter round. The inside of the house needs a once over with a vacuum and duster and it should be ready to move in. I still have a few other things to do like connect the ERV and dryer vent, install a few switch covers, and some more siding and deck railing to do but we should be on schedule for moving in. The septic guys could not get a trencher and the back hoe is still in the shop so no work on the septic today either. They are supposed to set the tank tomorrow and work on Saturday. We will see how that goes.

(0)Friday May 10, 2002 - No, they didn't set the tanks today, go figure.

(0)Saturday May 11, 2002 - I spent part of today getting ready for my trip. I also took another load of stuff to the house. And no, the septic guys didn't show up today either.

(0)Sunday May 12, 2002 - I left for New York tody. Will be there all next week.


Week 47



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