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Week 48


(0)Monday May 13, 2002 - Still in NY.

(0)Tuesday May 14, 2002 - Haven't left yet.

(0)Wednesday May 15, 2002 - Ready to leave but can't.

(0)Thursday May 16, 2002 - I found out today that my nephew, Matthew got killed in a car crash. He was only 17 and the funeral will be on Saturday. I talked with the septic installers and they are supposed to be working on it. Yeah right. They told me they were running a day behind.

(0)Friday May 17, 2002 - I left New York at noon today to go to Jackson to be with my family.

(0)Saturday May 18, 2002 - The funeral was today.

(0)Sunday May 19, 2002 - I spent the day with my brother.


Week 48



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