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Week 50


The Rankins are finally at their Wit's End.

()Monday May 27, 2002 - I guess we are officially in the house now. We moved more stuff today. Clayton was helping today by pushing stuff to the back of the trailer, which is on a slope, which had a refrigerator, which has wheels, which rolled off the trailer and crashed into the rocks. After seeing that he was not under the thing and getting my heart going again, Wink and I got the rest of the stuff in the house.

()Tuesday May 28, 2002 - We spent more time getting set up at the new house. I hooked up the washing machine and moved more stuff.

()Wednesday May 29, 2002 - I met with two water guys today and they both want me to pay them almost $4000 to clean up my water. Verizon hooked up our phone line today and the septic guys waited about two hours before they cut it. They were working on the sewer line from the house and cut through both phone lines. I spent the next 4 hours getting that fixed. I had to tear out a wall in the utility room and run a new wire and add a junction box outside. They managed to get the pipe back together so we could flush a toilet. We have received about three inches of rain this week so they haven't been able to spread any more dirt. They can't get the final inspection done until they add more dirt to the field. Then they can fill in the septic tank hole.

()Thursday May 30, 2002 - Due to rain, there was no septic work today.

()Friday May 31, 2002 - Still no septic work -- Well it did rain this week.

()Saturday June 1, 2002 - We are getting settled into the house. There are still boxes everywhere. I would post some pictures but I lost my camera cable in the move.

()Sunday June 2, 2002 - We are now starting to hang stuff on the walls.


Week 50



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