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Week 7


(0)Monday August 6, 2001 - I did not work on the house today. I don't feel like I am losing any days since Jim helped out this past weekend. Thanks again Jim. Below is a picture of what the site looks like now:

(0)Tuesday August 7, 2001 - I went to Home Depot to finish my list to have them deliver the materials on Friday.

(0)Wednesday August 8, 2001 - I did not work on the house today either but I thought about it. That should count for something.

(0)Thursday August 9, 2001 - Today I finished all the forms, plumbing, rebar, and we poured the concrete and I got a big fat check from the bank. Then I woke up. I actually did nothing today either, but I did wake up tired.

(13)Friday August 10, 2001 - Patti and I dug the ditches for the rough plumbing and cleaned up most of the large rocks so they don't penetrate the plastic. Home Depot delivered the materials around noon today and I started on the forms. I also had a load of sand delivered so I can cover up the pipes and level the low spots.

(13)Saturday August 11, 2001 - I finished placing the forms for the main slab area and got the corners square and level. The RoboVector laser level sure has come in handy up to this stage. It is a self leveling laser with five beams that are a right angles. All I have to do is set it on one corner, aim it at one other corner, and I have alignment marks to align for square and level. I also use it to determine if the fill dirt is within four inches of the surface. Here are some shots of the forms as of today:

(0)Sunday August 12, 2001 - Today was a much needed day of rest. Since we have started on this house, we have had a record number of consecutive 100 degree or higher days.

Week 7


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