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Week 8


(3.5)Monday August 13, 2001 - Patti and I went out and finished the final grading of the fill dirt. We added some sand in the low spots and cleaned out the remaining ditches. I also verified the placement of the pipes per the plan.

(2)Tuesday August 14, 2001 - The Pest control guy came out this morning and treated the foundation for termites. This treatment is good for five years and is much easier to apply at this stage then when the slab is poured and walls are up. Patti came out and helped me spread the plastic over the area and we secured everything down with rebar.

(3)Wednesday August 15, 2001 - Patti and I got about half the rough plumbing done today. I hope to finish all the rough plumbing tomorrow. Here is a picture of what we finished today. I used my new digital camera. I think I will like it.

(3)Thursday August 16, 2001 - I stopped by Home depot on the way in to work this morning. Since they are open 24hrs/day I can get there at 4:30am and no one else is there and I can get in and out in a hurry. I got the shop drawings for the panels yesterday and found a couple of errors. Even though the slab has been pushed out 1.5 weeks, I don't think it will affect the schedule at all. I met with the concrete finishing contractor and it looks like we can get things going next Thursday. I will need a pumper truck to get the concrete to all of the corners of the slab. Patti and I finished all of the essential rough plumbing today and filled in the trenches with sand. I still need to finish the plumbing for the dust collection system. Since this will be my shop at some point in the future, I am running dust collection pipe, 220V wire and poly air hose to several spots in the slab. I will box them in until they are needed. It sprinkled a little and I thought we would get some rain but we didn't.

(13)Friday August 17, 2001 - Today I finished all of the rough plumbing and about 85% of the rebar.

(11)Saturday August 18, 2001 - Today I finished all of the rebar and added the spacers needed for the rock ledge. I also cleared out an area for the concrete trucks to be able to turn around and back up to the site. I hope to pour the slab on Thursday and I will have to coordinate the pumper, concrete trucks, and finishers. We will see if it happens. I have had a hard time attempting to brace the forms. Most of the adjacent ground is solid rock and I can't even use my power nailer to nail to it. I think I will fight force with force and use the rocks that I have to brace the forms. Below is a picture of how the site looks as of today.

(.5)Sunday August 19, 2001 - Today was another much needed day of rest. All I did today was make the boxes that will house the dust collection pipe, etc. and review the shop drawings for the plans. I found several errors so it is a good thing that I am reviewing it now.

Week 8


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