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Week 9


(.5)Monday August 20, 2001 - My son is growing up as today was his first day of school. I took a couple of pictures with my new camera. Patti said the one of his lunch was the best one. Today I met with the builder and the SIP representative to discuss the shop drawings and look at the site. I am trying to schedule the delivery of the SIPs and the erection of them for mid-September. I also coordinated the concrete company, pumper truck, and finishers to pour the slab first thing on Friday. I still need to frame the forms for the back patio and finish bracing the rest of the forms before then.

(3)Tuesday August 21, 2001 - I spent most of the time today dumping rocks by the forms and stacking them up to help hold the forms in place.

(11)Wednesday August 22, 2001 - I took off from my real job today to put the forms in for the back patio. I decided to go ahead and do it all at once and to save me some work later. I managed to put up all the forms, plywood, and rebar for the patio area. I still need to brace these forms but I think I have enough rocks to push against to manage it. The drop was about 2 feet on the back side so I had to make up the difference with plywood. I also moved more rocks to support the forms. Everything is scheduled to pour the slab at 6:30am Friday morning.

(5.5)Thursday August 23, 2001 - I finished putting the supports on the forms and checked them for level. I also added some anchor bolts to the outside of the patio so I can add a wood deck later and ran a piece of conduit to the outside of the patio for electricity or speaker wires.

(2)Friday August 24, 2001 - I got out to the land at 6 and the finishers, concrete pump truck, and concrete trucks were right behind me. I did a little to help but mostly the finishers did most of the work and did a good job. There were no blowouts or mishaps so I was happy. They finished about 12:30. I didn't do anything else the rest of the day. Here are some pictures of the whole process.

(0)Saturday August 25, 2001 - Nothing, zilch, sqatto nada.

(0)Sunday August 26, 2001 - Same as yesterday.

Week 9


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