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Week 21


(2.5)Monday November 5, 2001 - I assembled the meter base, breaker panel, and gooseneck so the power company can install it. The meter that is going in will be read remotely through the power line. Currently we write down the reading on the bill and send it in with the last months payment.

(0)Tuesday November 6, 2001 - I was very tired today, I guess jet lag is catching up with me so I didn't do anything except call the power company to schedule the meter hookup.

(3)Wednesday November 7, 2001 - We have electricity,!!!!! Well I still had to use the generator today because I didn't have any breakers for the panel. I finished drilling holes for the wiring and prepped the doors that I will hang this weekend. I am going to take a few days off next week to make up for the time I lost while in Japan. I plan to work on the rough plumbing and wiring and schedule the well to be drilled.

(0)Thursday November 8, 2001 - I had to work late at work so I didn't get anything done on the house today.

(3)Friday November 9, 2001 - I went out and worked on the door openings to size them correctly for the french doors.

(10)Saturday November 10, 2001 - Today, I ran a wire from the meter pole into the house and wired a temporary panel. I didn't want to purchase the 3-0 cable until I knew exactly where the pole was going to be. I also finished putting in all of the doors today.

(0)Sunday November 11, 2001 - I didn't work on the house but I did organize everything to start plumbing and wiring next week. I also went to the hardware store and bought a bunch of stuff for the plumbing job.

Week 21


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