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Week 13


(14)Monday September 17, 2001 - THE PANELS ARE HERE ! THE PANELS ARE HERE ! I got out to the house site about 7:30 and got a call from the truck driver saying he was up the road. He was able to drive to the entrance and park. Since his truck would not make it down my driveway, we had to unload all of the panels and then carry them back to the site on a trailer. Kerry, Wink, and the truck driver helped me take the panels off of the truck. I started carrying them back to the site until Wink came back to help after work. We worked till about 8:30 but got all of them to the house site.

(2)Tuesday September 18, 2001 - Patti and I straightened up the loose panels and covered everything up with plastic. Here are some pictures.

(2)Wednesday September 19, 2001 - I met the crew this morning to get everything organized. I also bought a generator on the way to work since I don't have electricity out to the site yet. The crew didn't get much done today. Hopefully they will bring all their tools tomorrow and get more walls up. They did manage to get one corner up however.

(2)Thursday September 20, 2001 - I sweated an elbow onto the only water connection in the SIPs and dropped off the generator. The crew now has two of the walls up but were hampered since all of the lumber has not been delivered yet. We hope to have the walls up and the interior walls laid out by the end of Friday. Below is the view that I will see from my office.

Here is the progress as of today:

(4)Friday September 21, 2001 - This morning it rained very hard for about an hour. The crew came and left without doing any work. I spend a few hours spreading the gravel on the road so no one would get stuck. I picked up a chipper shredder on the way home and went directly out to the land and started cleaning up the limbs and trees that we cut down when we put in the road.

(6)Saturday September 22, 2001 - For those of you that have been following this whole drama, you know about all the flats. Well, I got another one this morning on the chipper. I was on my way to town and had a blow out. I had to pull over, take the wheel off and get it fixed before I could get to work. I finally got two laborers and we worked till about 2:30 when it started raining. Lightning struck a tree that was just a few feet away from the back hoe while we were out at the land.

(10)Sunday September 23, 2001 - I got the same two guys that worked yesterday and we put in about 10 hours cleaning up limbs. I ran the chain saw and Patti fed the shredder while the laborers pulled limbs to her. We have about 10 yards of mulch now that we can use for landscaping. Stay tuned to see what happens tomorrow.

Week 13


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