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Week 24


(4)Monday November 26, 2001 - Today I unloaded all of the stuff that I bought yesterday at Home Depot. I also wired the switches on the outside wall by the patio. It turns out that there was no vertical wiring chase in the wall where I needed to put the switches so I had to cut a hole and force a piece of rebar through the foam to run the wire. Below is a picture of one way to get wires into the outside wall. I will come back later and put the plug back with some expanding foam.

I also finalized the breaker panel and ran all of the high current wires to their destination.

(6)Tuesday November 27, 2001 - I had to meet a delivery truck at 2 to receive the material for my roof. He could not get his trailer down the drive so I backed up my trailer to his and unloaded everything further up the driveway. I spent some time putting up the fascia boards. I got the North side done and part of the east gable. It is supposed to sleet and/or snow tomorrow so I don't think I will be working on the fascia boards tomorrow evening. I also cased in the ceiling above the stairs and added light boxes in the upstairs bathroom and stair well. I ordered an alarm system today so I can go ahead and install it and use it before we move out there. Construction sites seem to attract thieves looking for an easy buck. I got one that will be used by a monitoring service as well as having a local alarm. I am hoping to be finished with the wiring and plumbing this week so I can schedule the sheetrock crew. I was planning on putting the roof on this weekend but if it is too cold or wet, I will postpone it until later. The roof is covered with tar paper so there is no real big hurry.

(0)Wednesday November 28, 2001 - Since I had to work late for my day job, I didn't get anything done. We had a winter storm warning for tonight so I went and checked the radiator on the backhoe to make sure it had antifreeze. The freezing rain started on my way home. If the weather stays like this, I won't be putting the roof on this weekend but I have plenty of inside stuff I can do anyway.

(3)Thursday November 29, 2001 - I tried to run some wires to the office through the exterior wall when I discovered that the wiring chases did not line up from the top panel to the bottom panel. I ended up drilling a hole at an angle through the top plate and then forcing a piece of rebar to make a new chase. I was finally able to run the wires.

(7)Friday November 30, 2001 - I picked up some tile samples from a guy that advertised in the paper. I think I will go ahead and buy it since the price is right. I also continued working on the fascia boards until I ran out of cedar. I only need about 15 feet to finish. After it got dark, I finished all of the wiring for the alarm system and cut holes in the exterior walls for the ERV vents.

(6)Saturday December 1, 2001 - Since I had to go to the store to get more cedar, I decided to go ahead and order my siding since Home Depot still has the no interest and no payments until 2003. My in-laws were down this weekend so I put my Father in law to work. He ran the intake and exhaust ducts to the holes in the exterior walls. The ERV unit is in place ready to connect to the exhaust ports in the bathrooms, utility room , and kitchen. I managed to finish all the fascia boards and drip edge. I had to patch part of the roof where the builders left gaps before I could nail the drip edge on. Then I had to patch the tar paper. I only got one panel on the roof before we had to go.

(0)Sunday December 2, 2001 - I took today to rest and spent time with the in-laws.

Week 24


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