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Week 39


(8)Monday March 11, 2002 -I cut all of the plywood for the upper cabinets and drilled the shelf support holes. I also hung the stairway light for the loft and rewired and hung the light for the dining table. This is a light that I built out of cherry about 5 years ago. My father-in-law, Roy, did the artwork on the panels. This is the third, and hopefully last, time I have wired the light. The last two times I just put florescent fixtures in the case but this time I mounted the bulb sockets directly to the wood and ran wires over to the transformers.

(6)Tuesday March 12, 2002 - This morning I got up at 3:00am so I could see the reentry of the shuttle. It flew over Austin on its way to Florida about 3:13am. It was an awesome sight to witness. I met with the septic designer and installer today to discuss the installation and design of an LPD system. They both agreed that I had enough dirt for an LPD system. Now I am waiting for an updated design but we can go ahead and start the excavation. Using the LPD means that I won't have to deal with an aerobic unit,. a chlorinator, and air pump, and I won't have to pay the $200+ per year for the maintenance contract. Thank God. I also glued up two of the upper cabinets and installed all of the stair treads on the loft stairs. I still need to do the risers and a railing.

You know you can never have too many clamps !

(4)Wednesday March 13, 2002 - I picked up all of the carpet today. We are putting carpet in the loft, office, and the three bedrooms. I also glued up two more of the upper cabinets.

(8)Thursday March 14, 2002 - This morning I planed the rest of the oak for drawer fronts and face frame molding. I also milled 10 of the drawer fronts and glued up three more panels for the large drawers. And all of that before 8:00 am. Well, the roofing crew finally showed up to finish the ridge flashing. Or it was a nice enough day for me to get on the roof, so bring on the rain. I still have flashing to finish on the gable ends but I will do that when I finish the siding because I can get to it with the scaffolding and I don't like hanging off the edge of a tin roof 20 feet above a bunch of rocks. I finished the other three drawer fronts this evening so all of the drawer fronts are finished. I just need to do a final sanding and attach them to the drawers.

(0)Friday March 15, 2002 - I worked for my day job today and did no work on the house.

(12)Saturday March 16, 2002 - Today I mounted all of the drawer fronts, finished the face frames on all the upper cabinets, installed the upper cabinets, hooked up the exhaust vent over the stove, and took the kids to McDonalds and a movie.

(2.5)Sunday March 17, 2002 - Today is exactly one month after the original closing date. All I did today was install the front door.

Week 39


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