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Week 42


(2)Monday April 1, 2002 - They finished the septic system today and we are able to use the bathroom in the house now. We also went to the bank and signed all of the closing papers so now the house is ours ! The problem is that we still have the other house and have not sold or rented it yet. We decided that we could get more rent if we rented the new house so that is what we are going to do. I already have a couple that is interested. They are from Houston and have land out here so it will convenient for them to build their house. They will only be in it for six months and we figure the housing market will improve by then so everything should work out. And, if you believe that, you are an April fool. Really all I did was put another coat of polyurethane on the cabinets. I had to meet the septic designer in town to get the updated plans and take them to the health department. They finished digging the hole for the tanks today. Patti found a broken pipe at the current house so I had to get some parts to fix that so we went to the hardware store.

(6)Tuesday April 2, 2002 - I spent some time cleaning up the area for the septic leach field since an inspector is supposed to come out and look at the test holes. Roy, my father-in-law came to help again. He and I worked on some more plumbing issues and he worked on the remaining outlets and covers. I put a water filter on the inlet to the house. It seems to clear up the sediment that is in the water. We may still have to get a softener???

(6)Wednesday April 3, 2002 - I put the final coat of polyurethane on the cabinets, installed the remaining drawer fronts, installed the kitchen and bathroom sinks, fixed a leak in the upstairs shower. Roy hung some more light fixtures, and worked on the plumbing. Patti came out and put tile on one wall around the shower.

(0)Thursday April 4, 2002 - I spent all day at my day job so no work on the house.

(0)Friday April 5, 2002 - Same as yesterday except I had to find a water leak at our current house. I had to tear out sheet rock in the kid's room to get to it.

(0)Saturday April 6, 2002 - I went to the new house and got the plumbing stuff to fix the leak at the current house. I left at 9:00am and spent the next 12 hours traveling to Fishkill, New York for business. I will be in Fishkill for the week so I won't be working on the house but hopefully they will work on the septic system while I am gone.

(0)Sunday April 7, 2002 - I took the day off today and went hiking in the Catskill mountains.

I hiked about three miles to the top of Mt. Tremper where there was a lookout tower.

I'm not sure what "Texas Hot Weiners" are and I was afraid to find out.




Week 42



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