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Week 49


(0)Monday May 20, 2002 - I left Jackson this morning at 6:30 to go back to Austin. The septic guys are making progress.

(2)Tuesday May 21, 2002 - I spent today moving stuff and cleaning out the garage. I also got the mail box up today.

(0)Wednesday May 22, 2002 - The guys worked some more on the septic system. Roy came down to help move. He also fixed the sheetrock in the closet at the current house where we had the water leak.

(0)Thursday May 23, 2002 - Roy and I worked on the garage and moved some more stuff to the house.

(0)Friday May 24, 2002 - Moved more stuff. The septic guys are slowly making progress. They finally got the tanks and one field connected so we can use the toilets now. They failed the inspection because of one of the pipes I plumbed was out of level. What happened was that the effluent from drilling the well flowed into the ditch, floated the pipe and filled the ditch with sediment. They also have to add a little more dirt on the south side of the leach field.

(0)Saturday May 25, 2002 - Patti and I set up for the garage sale this morning. Two of her sisters were coming in to help. We got a call about 8:30 that they were stranded on the highway north of Austin. I went and picked them up and got their car towed to the mechanic. We finally got to the house around 11:30 and about thirty minutes later, Mary's daughter, Maggie, fell off of the fort and broke her arm. Patti took them to the hospital. The problem with the car turned out to be the transmission. The water from the well started smelling real bad today. It apparently has a strong concentration of hydrogen sulfide.

(0)Sunday May 26, 2002 - Moved more stuff. I have too much stuff. I put a carbon filter on the water line in addition to the sediment filter. That seemed to cut down on the smell but it still stinks in the house.


Week 49



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