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Week 6


(0)Monday July 30, 2001 - I decided to put in 14.5 hours at my day job so I could take off later in the week.

(3)Tuesday July 31, 2001 - Today I moved the pile of dirt that was left on the house site and spread it on the road. It covered about 100 feet of road at a depth of about 6 inches. I believe the dirt we dug out will make a good road base since it has so many rocks in it and the clay helps it to pack down real well. I reserved a rock saw that will be delivered on Thursday evening and got quotes for concrete and finish work.

(3)Wednesday August 1, 2001 - Patti and I laid out all of the footings for the house and painted the lines to facilitate digging them with the rock saw. My buddy, Jim, comes in tomorrow from Alabama and is going to help me this weekend. Thanks, Jim. Hope you aren't too sore when we are done.

(0)Thursday August 2, 2001 - I picked up my buddy, Jim, at the airport but we didn't work out at the land. We did go swimming. Below are some pictures of where we go swimming. They were supposed to deliver the rock saw this evening but they called and said they would deliver it in the morning.

(13)Friday August 3, 2001 - We got out to the land about 7 and changed the oil in the back hoe. The rock saw was delivered around 9 and we proceeded to start digging the footings. The original idea was to dig the footings to depth and then place the forms and only add a small amount of fill. Well, that plan was shot down when we started digging in solid rock. The first 25 feet went real fast but it took three hours to dig the remaining 15 feet of one of the footings. Jim was mainly in charge of the rock saw and ran it all day. Towards the end of the day, and after only digging another 80 feet of footings, we decided to change our plans. We would not have time to dig the remaining 288 feet necessary to dig all the footings. So we decided to just dig the perimeter and bring in fill dirt and not dig the footings.

(13)Saturday August 4, 2001 - Jim and I got out t the land this morning and Jim proceeded to finish the remaining outer footing while I started spreading the fill dirt. I went and picked up two laborers to help with leveling the dirt while Jim dug ditches. By the end of the day we had dug all the ditches necessary for the water, electricity, and sewage lines and had all the fill dirt leveled and the footings in place. Check out the progress so far. Thanks to Jim and his digital camera, we have some better quality pictures.

(0)Sunday August 5, 2001 - All I did today was put together a list of materials that I need for the forms. I will have Home Depot deliver it this week.

Week 6


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